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Create a new marketing campaign
Create a new marketing campaign

Create a campaign to mass email or SMS your customers about important information, such as Upcoming Holidays, or Special Offers

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In the left hand menu of the system click on the Marketing link to enter the marketing feature.

Step 1

KennelBooker lets you create segments of your customer database to allow you target groups of customers with special offers. For instance you may wish to find all customers that have not booked in for grooming in 60+ days.

The system comes pre-loaded with two automatically generated lists. The days current bookings, and any future bookings.

Step 2

To create a new segment click on the [Add Segment] button, you will then see a popup window. Add a name for the segment, select the service that you wish to target (in this case Grooming customers) and then select a timescale. Click [Create Segment] to save your work.

Step 3

Once your segment has been created it will be saved for future use. The list of customers that the list will display is generated in real-time - meaning if a customer was on the list yesterday but has subsequently placed a booking they will no longer appear on the list (until the time period selected has elapsed).
Click on the [View Details] button to see the list of customers.

Note: Once created segments cannot be modified - you will need to delete it and re-add a new segment.

Step 4

On this screen you will see a list of customers that have not booked in for grooming in 60 days, you can select the customers that you wish to target by clicking on the checkbox (green box at the end of the row) and then click on the [Send Email] button.

Note: Customers who have received any marketing emails in the past 14 days are automatically excluded from this list (but you can override this if needed).
Customers also have the option in any email they receive to unsubscribe from future marketing emails.

Step 5

Compose your message and use the placeholders as required. A description of each placeholder is listed at the bottom of the screen. They system will automatically replace the placeholder with the correct details for that customer.

You can Preview you email before it is sent by clicking on the [Preview] button.

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