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How to integrate the online booking tool into your wix website

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Integration with your WIX website

1. Sign into your Wix site, Select your site and click 'Manage'

2. Click on the 'Edit Site' button in the top menu

3. From the side menu click 'App Market' - In the search field enter 'html' and press enter

4. Find the item called Embed HTML and click on it

5. Next click on the '+ Add to Site'

6. A grey box should appear on your site, move it onto position and drag the box so that it is around 300px wide

7. Click on the 'gear' icon and click the Code radio button

8. In the box that appears paste in the code from your settings page https://www.kennelbooker.com/kennels/settings.aspx 

9. Once added click on the Update button and you should now see your new KennelBooker book now button

10. Then simply Save and Publish you site!

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