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Add Questions to the Online Booking Tool
Add Questions to the Online Booking Tool

Create questions for your customer to fill in to get additional information relating to the customer, booking, or pet!

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As part of the Online Booking tool you have the option to add specific questions. To add questions to the online tool - go to the Q&A setting page.

You can add questions by clicking on the [Add Question] button.

Adding or Editing a Question

1. Enter the text of the question.

2. Choose the 'Question Type' - this can be either Customer, Pet, or Booking. If you choose Customer the questions will relate to the customer, If you add a question with the Pet type the customer will have to answer the question for each pet type. If you choose Booking, you can then choose which booking types the question will appear for.

3. A sort order can be added to the questions (this a numerical number) - questions will be sorted in ascending order.

4. Questions can have a yes/no dropdown list and or a open text field.

5. You also have the option to mark the questions as required. 

Once added you will see the question that you have added and if they are required.

What the Customer will see

On the Online booking tool - your questions will be shown to the customer. Once a customer adds an answer then next time they add a booking - this answer will be pre-filled for the customer so they don't need to enter the same answer each time they book.

If a customer fails to add an answer the box will be highlighted in red and they won't be able to add their booking.

Viewing Answers on the Internal System

When on the booking, customers profile or pets profile page, just click on the Q&A tab on any of the pages.

You will then see what ever the customer has filled in online, the customer can update these answer at any point on the online system. 

You can also show the answers to the questions on run cards printed out from the system, you can enable this by turning on the following setting on the 'Features & Settings' page.

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