Our online booking tool can be easily added into your existing website with very little technical know-how! All you need to do is copy a small piece of html code from your [Settings] page into you website.

The online booking tool is extremely powerful and you can customise it to suit your specific requirements. Customers can select the the specific service that they wish to book, add in their dates of their booking request and enter the number of pets the booking is for.

On the Next step they enter their email address - this acts as the primary identifier for the customer, if there is a customer in your database with the email address entered their basic details will be retrieved and displayed. If no customer exists then they can enter their details on the booking form. 

Once their details have been entered - the next step (which is optional) allows customers to add additional extras onto their booking; such as; additional walks, a wash at the end of their stay etc

Once they have selected the additional extras for their booking they can fill in any questions that you may need them to answer regarding their pets. These questions can be added into the system from the [Settings > Online Tool page]. The question can include a yes/no drop down list and or a text box for the customer to add some information. For future booking the system will remember the customers previous answers and pre-populate the form to save the customers time when placing future bookings.

The final booking step allows the customer to review their booking and add the times of arrival/departure - your opening and closing times can be customised from the [Settings > Online Tool] page. You can add in 'Terms and Conditions' text to this step as well and make the customer agree to it using the checkbox.


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