Setting up Online Payments

How to set up online payments. Can I accept online payments?

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A Quick Stripe Overview

We choose Stripe as our payment provider for a number of reasons.

  • They are the most secure payments platform - Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This means that you data and your customer card information is totally secure.

  • Payments are processed and transferred directly to your Stripe account (your money never touches our accounts).

  • Stripe has rolling 2 day transfers in the United States and Australia, and rolling 7 day transfers in most other countries - which means that payments are sent to you bank account every 2-7 days.

Enabling Stripe

Head into you Settings page and click on the [Online Payments] link - Click on the Connect with Stripe button to setup your Stripe account.

Click on the [Sign Up] button if you don't already have a Stripe account 

Add in your email address and create a password.

On the next screen you will need to enter some basic details about your business and your bank account details. You will also need to verify your email address by clicking on a link in the email that you received.

Once you click on the Authorize button you will be redirected back to KennelBooker and will see a message stating that your account was created.

Click on the [Configure Payments] button to enable payments, You can either set up online payments to be the full booking amount, or a partial deposit amount, or a set amount

You can also set the system up to require a card from the customer when they submit an online booking, let customers save cards to their account, require daycare bookings to pay up front, and also allow customer to make payments against their bookings via the online system.


Sending Payment Reminders

Once you have entered a booking into the system and the system has generated an initial payment request to the customer be it a deposit or the full booking amount you can send the customer payment reminders from the Payments page, you will find this page from the Payments link in the left hand menu.

From the payments link, you will see the payment request sent to customers, to resent a payment request you can click on the Resend button.

Request Booking Balance

You can use the booking email reminder to request the customer to pay the outstanding balance on the booking, to set this up from the Payment settings page you can request the booking balance for each individual booking type.

Just make sure that you have the Email Reminders set up from the Email and SMS settings page, and that the [payment_info] placeholder is in the 'Reminder Email' Template.

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