You can manually record payments made against a booking to let you easily keep track of how much money is outstanding on your bookings.

First things first make sure that you have turned on the record payments feature.

Next go to one of your bookings and you will see a payments box on the right hand side of the screen.

Click the 'Add Manual Payment' button to enter the details of the payment into the system.

Once you click on the [Add] button the payment will be added to the system. The letter [D] denotes that this payment was a deposit.

And by looking at the Booking Costs panel - you will see the payment has been deducted from the cost of the booking. As this payment was marked as a deposit the payment amount of $86 shows up under the Deposit category.

By adding another payment of $200 onto the booking the booking will be $0 outstanding and the booking will automatically be marked as paid.

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