Here is a quick overview of add a grooming booking from start to finish.

When adding a grooming booking, the first step depending on your settings will let you do one of three things;

  • Create a one off grooming booking (what we will focus on here in this article)

  • Create a booking by selecting a free booking slot

  • Create a series of reoccurring bookings (i.e. every 3 months)

After selecting the date of the requested booking, you will enter the name of the customer or you can add a new customer if they have not booked with you before.

Next choose the customer from the list returned.

Once the customer has been selected you can add in the price, time, duration, pet and the groomer for the booking. In the side bar if the customer has been in before you will see their past 3 bookings (so you can remember the cost of the last booking, or the notes associated with the booking). Also in the green notification bar the system will tell you if there are any other bookings on that day.

On the last page of the booking wizard you can add notes and review the booking details.

Once the booking has been saved you will see the confirmation page and you can edit the booking email before it is sent.

The booking can be viewed by clicking into the booking, from here you can add additional services to the booking, change the prices etc. You can also record payments made against the bookings or take online payments.

Also from the customers page you can see the upcoming booking on the right hand side of the screen.


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